Zenstra Zenergize - Energy and Dopamine Support Supplement
Zenstra Zenergize - Energy and Dopamine Support Supplement
Zenstra Zenergize - Energy and Dopamine Support Supplement Capsules
Zenstra Zenergize - Energy and Dopamine Support Supplement Facts


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Zenergize was formulated to support focus, motivation, memory and cognitive performance.

The hectic demands of modern life often lead to exhaustion. As a result, many people turn to energy supplements which may cause nervousness, jitters and a harsh crash in the evening. Some energy drinks may also contain artificial sweeteners or other chemicals.

Cognitive performance shouldn’t have to come at the expense of health and serenity.

Zenergize contains ingredients for supporting dopamine levels and the functioning of dopaminergic pathways, coupled with ingredients for promoting autonomic arousal.* Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with reward and motivation. Autonomic arousal is often associated with stress, but healthy levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine are conducive to sustaining attention. Zenergize was formulated with some consideration given to mitigating the potentially unwanted physical effects typical of caffeine.

The Zenergize formula consists of 3 adaptogens, coupled with theacrine, tyrosine, L-theanine, B vitamins and time-release caffeine.

Of the 10 ingredients, 3 are adaptogenic herbs, namely Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea and Guarana. Panax ginseng and rhodiola are said to have been used for thousands of years in China and India, while  guarana is said to have long been used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

Research indicates that adaptogens, as the name suggests, can help our bodies adapt to stress and regulate homeostasis.* Although adaptogens have long been hailed for their balancing properties, only relatively recently is scientific light being shed on their effects.

L-theanine may help to mitigate some of the potentially unwanted effects of caffeine.

Further details on the Zenergize formula can be found on the scientific research page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Elsie Ledger

Taking both zen1 and zenergize provided me with excellent concentration and focus throughout completing my degree. I feel sharp and clear without feeling jittery, and even improve my outlook on life, giving me a boost of serotonin whenever I need it.

Israel Avila


Nicola Jane Bianchi
Fabulous product!

I’ve been lacking in energy and concentration during the afternoons and I take one of these and it helps me feel sharper to continue my day and stay focused
Without impacting on my sleep at night
Great product it will be a regular of mine

Jordan Edwards

Zenergize does so much more than coffee ever could! I take 2 in the morning (7am) with ginger-honey tea & have complete mental energy and focus until 2 or 3 pm!!! Plus they do not trigger shaky-ness whatsoever!

Jame Mckay

I can not fault any of these products
Zenergise does really get you motivated I was sceptical of all the products at first but I think they are all worth a try

Great products

As always, quick delivery and great products. And I like being kept up to date with new products / developments too

Angenehme Enerie

Zenergize hilft mir mir zu konzentrieren und fokusieren.
Die Phasen der Müdigkeit sind deutlich geringer, es hilft dabei den eigenen Schweinehund zu besiegen.

clodagh doyle
Gives that extra boost

I find it a great boost, as I don't have great energy levels, zenergise gets me through the day with great ease.

Susan Williams
Zenergize =Energised

I am super sensitive to caffeine, so regular energy drinks/ supplements make me feel really shaky.
Zenergise gives me a really calm, focused boost for workouts and for stress filled work days with no slump in the afternoon or sleepless nights after using them. I have purchased them several times now.
I would really recommend Zenergize.

Eric Olson