Zenstra Lemello - Natural Calmness, Relaxation and Sleep Support Supplement
Zenstra Lemello - Natural Calmness, Relaxation and Sleep Support Supplement
Zenstra Lemello - Natural Calmness, Relaxation and Sleep Support Supplement Capsules
Zenstra Lemello - Natural Calmness, Relaxation and Sleep Support Supplement Facts
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Lemello supports calmness, relaxation and restful sleep.*

At lower doses, it can help you to remain settled and sociable.* Lemello won’t impair cognitive function either. When you take Lemello, there’s no need to worry about feeling drowsy or being unable to hold up a conversation.

Numerous independent studies have concluded that the ingredients in Lemello can be highly beneficial for supporting calmness (further information can be found in our research section).*

If you need to maintain composure under stress, socialize at ease or relax after a long day, then Lemello is definitely the best supplement for you. We recommend taking one capsule at a time for daytime use.

At higher doses, Lemello promotes deep, rejuvenating sleep.* A plethora of studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Lemello’s ingredients for supporting sleep latency, sleep quality and sleep duration, time and time again.* Are you tired of feeling exhausted every morning? Do you dread fumbling for that snooze button? Try two Lemello before bed. Wake up feeling fresh and revived. Spring out of bed, jumping for joy!

Lemello is vegan-friendly, GMO-free, all-natural and organic. Zenstra products are manufactured in the EU and our plant is organic certified. The formula consists of a natural blend of lemon balm, mulungu bark, magnolia bark, oleamide and valerian root.

We use highly concentrated extracts, which is why each yellow capsule packs such a mellowing punch.

Within one single capsule alone, the amount of lemon balm is equivalent to 750mg of standard dried lemon balm. The mulungu is equivalent to 2,000mg of standard bark and the magnolia is equivalent to almost 4,400mg of standard bark (containing 87.5mg of honokiol). Each capsule also contains a 75mg dose of oleamide, extracted from the fruits of Ziziphus jujuba.

At Zenstra, we quotes doses per one single capsule. We pack as many high quality ingredients as possible into each capsule, so you get extraordinary value for money.

Further details on the Lemello formula can be found on our scientific research page.

When life seems overwhelming, keep calm, sleep well, feel mellow🍋*


Customer Reviews

Based on 299 reviews
Deeper sleep

Excellent product. Noticed deeper sleep and reduced heart rate while sleeping after taking 2 Lemello before bed.

Definitely recommend Lemello

Take 2 occasionally at night if I'm having difficulty sleeping, they work really well & I don't feel groggy in the morning.


Products arrived Spain after i left. Will get back next week to start.

Best sleep ever

Really great for a sound night's sleep and helps me get over within 30 mins of putting my head down. Stops my over active mind and helps me get quality and rested sleep.

Excellent.Well worth the money.

I have a very stressful job and find it incredibly hard to wind down and relax when I finish for the day.I’ve been taking 2 Lemenello around 5pm and they have really helped me.

Love it!

Works great also use the Zen1 for anxiety




I love the new Lemello I take one every morning and I must admit I feel so chilled all day thank you .

Very good!

Defenittely works!

Excellent service

Thank you so much,my Lemello arrived really quickly. It's an amazing product